Why Financial Basics?

Financial Basics for High School and Beyond is designed to provide comprehensive financial education for students. Freely available to any student in North Carolina, the course covers topics every student needs to know before (and after) graduation - from how to manage a budget to the importance of higher education.

Financial Basics for High School and Beyond can be used in conjunction with teacher-led financial literacy curricula, as part of a college orientation program, or as a stand-alone course. Teacher tools make it easy for high school teachers to assign financial education lessons and to track student progress on a class-by-class basis. College tools give administrators the ability to manage student participation across an entire campus.

Upon course completion, each student will have created a personal budget, set important financial goals, and earned a verifiable completion certificate for each course. It only takes a few moments to sign up - and the short video to the right will help you get started!

Earn Your Financial Basics Certification

Beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year, high school students have the opportunity to earn certification in Financial Basics by completing key personal financial education courses offered by CFNC.org.

Once certified, you'll have earned a badge that can be shared with (and verified by) employers and schools. The CFNC.org Certified Financial Basics badge can be added to your resume, social networking profile, or college application. You'll also receive an individual web link which demonstrates what you've learned and explains each achievement in detail. For an example of a personalized certification page, click here.

With the CFNC.org Financial Basics Certification, you have a credential to substantiate your competency in key financial concepts. Whatever your future academic or employment goals, personal financial management is an important skill to help you succeed.

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