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Financial Basics for High School and Beyond is a free service of CFNC.org that makes it easy to manage financial education on a class-by-class basis.

With student-specific tracking and advanced data reporting, it's never been easier to tailor financial education curricula to the specific needs of each class of students.

How you use Financial Basics is up to you: computer-enhanced "in the classroom" learning, online homework, extra credit opportunities, one-time seminars, or for any other purpose. Financial Basics is mapped to North Carolina financial literacy standards, so finding the right topic is always easy.

What to Expect

Financial Basics for High School and Beyond course is comprised of fifteen mini-courses, each of which is graded and can be assigned in any order. You're free to use any or all of the topics - whatever helps you reach your financial education goals.

Each of your student's work is tracked automatically, so it's easy to verify that your assignments have been completed. Financial Basics also tracks aggregate participation for each class in real-time, helping you identify topics that may need further reinforcement. You're free to set up as many Classrooms as needed.

In addition to mini-courses, Financial Basics also includes a personalized budget calculator, a goal setting exercise, dozens of printable fact sheets, and a comprehensive library of entertaining Paying for College videos.

Student Management

Course participation is tracked automatically for each student, including grades and missed quiz questions.

Aggregate Data Reports

Graph and export survey and quiz question responses for each classroom.

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Did You Know?

Financial Basics for High School and Beyond is a free service offered by CFNC.org.

Any student or teacher in North Carolina is eligible to participate!

Financial Basics is now a recognized CTE credential. Click here to download our conference presentation.