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Financial Basics makes it easy to give your first-year students a solid foundation in basic financial management.

Financial Basics is appropriate for both four-year and community college students. Upon completing the course, each student will have set short and long-term financial goals, created a monthly budget, and passed a quiz on essential financial concepts.

Each student completing their course also receives a verifiable completion certificate.

Course Content

Financial Basics includes the following topics:

Course Introduction

A brief introduction to Financial Basics goals and resources.


Financial Health

How the concept of financial health can guide your financial behaviors.



Creating a monthly budget helps to clarify your spending priorities.


Budget Saving Tips

Easy to follow suggestions for sticking to a monthly spending plan.


Choosing a Bank

The importance of choosing the right financial institution for your needs.


Checking and Savings Accounts

Checking and savings accounts strategies for minimizing fees.


Credit vs. Debit Cards

Pros and cons of credit and debit cards. When to use each for maximum consumer protection.


Managing Accounts

Online and offline account management strategies for checking and savings.


Credit Reports and Scores

Understanding how credit works and how to get a free credit report.


Students and Credit Cards

The special challenges for students with credit cards, including the minimum payment trap.


Building Credit

The decisions and behaviors that can lead to improved credit scores.


Identity Theft

Understanding identity theft and steps you can take to prevent it.


Financial Trouble

How to spot the stages of a chronic debt problem and where to get help.


Administrative Tools

Designed for use with campus-wide implementations, our administrative tools offer both aggregate and student-specific data reports. Through your administrative control panel, you can:

  • Export student-specific participation lists to a spreadsheet.
  • View student participation details, including missed quiz questions.
  • Easily find a student with powerful search tools.

Getting Started

College administrators access their Financial Basics control panel through their accounts. If you previously had access to either Financial Literacy 101 or Advanced Money Management, your account is already set up!

To open a new administrative account, please contact your school's representative.

Did You Know?

Financial Basics is a free service offered by All colleges and students in North Carolina are eligible to participate!

Please contact your school's representative to set up an administrative account.